5 Best Home Remedies For Hair Loss | Natural Methods to Regrow Your Hair

Are you facing hair fall? Using pricey shampoos, conditioners, serums, keratin therapy, curd, egg yolks, or another substance, You are, however, searching for yet another remedy to your hair loss on the internet today.

Do you know? You just discovered that solution. You will discover the underlying causes of your hair fall and the initial reasons for it in the first section of this blog. And in the second part of this blog, you’ll learn 5 actions you can take to not only eliminate hairfall within 3 months, but also to encourage the growth of your previously lost hair.

We’ll talk about the greatest foods to fast-forward your hair later on in this article.

Some solutions that can help you fast get luscious hair include a best shampoo for hair fall control and stop hair fall that is simple to make at home.

 So please read this blog till the end.

Come, let’s use a tree as a demonstration to better learn this, Oh! They just won’t stop dropping leaves! What shall I do? I’ve made every effort! I’m so fed up with it all! Woah! The leaves weren’t the issue. It was rooted here.

When a plant in your house begins to fade, you always remember to water the roots, not the leaves, so why do you think your scalp is the cause of your hair loss? Why then do you spend so much time maintaining and enhancing it?

The truth is that your stomach is the issue, not your scalp. Let’s explore why.

When our blood becomes toxic, we lose hair. It becomes heavy and unable to reach our top floor, our head, when it becomes unclean.  When the blood flow up here is stopped, our hair doesn’t get the nutrients it needs and begins to fall out.

You might be wondering how our blood became contaminated. It is quite challenging for us to digest anything that hasn’t been prepared by Mother Nature, such as fried, roasted, or very spicy dishes, parathas, biscuits, noodles, snacks, packed and bottled foods, and a lot of grains.

All of these foods stick to the intestinal walls and decompose into waste. Whatever is absorbed by our intestines while it is deposited there, They will absorb any waste that sticks to them and transfer it to our bloodstream.

When our blood is contaminated, it becomes thick and heavy and can’t get to our head. If you want to stop hair fall, pay attention down here rather than up there. If you strictly adhere to the 5 procedures we’re going to share, you can regrow your hair in a matter of three months.

Your bright, bouncy hair will make you stand out instead of your thinning locks. You won’t hesitate when combing or washing your hair, and you won’t notice hair fall on things like the bathroom floor or your rubber band. Your hair will stop falling out, grow back, and people will start asking you how you have beautiful lush hair.

Come on, let’s get to our 5-step approach to hair fall control now. Take Out and Take In make up the two parts that make up our solution.

We’ll learn how to properly purify our blood so that it can flow freely up here from Take Out. In Take In, we’ll discover the best foods to eat to accelerate the growth of your hair.

So let’s go on to our first action, which is fasting. Do you know how to eliminate waste from your body incredibly quickly? Using this technique induces your body to enter full cleansing mode.

This involves a 16-hour fast. Every evening, you have to give your stomach a 16-hour rest. If you have dinner at 7 p.m., you must wait until 11 a.m. the next day before eating again. Having dinner at 6 p.m. and not eating again until 10 a.m. the next day.

When you follow it, it’s not really as challenging as it seems because you’ll simply be sleeping for the majority of those 16 hours. Your energy is always used up when you continuously consume throughout the day and night. Your body doesn’t have time to clean itself, but after commencing a 16-hour fast, it will begin to do so within two to three days when the garbage in your blood begins to leave the body.

Detox Fasting

Your blood can now flow freely to your head, and shortly your hair will begin to grow back. If you start it tonight, be knowing that your road to restore your hair will start tonight.

Enema is another effective method for removing toxins from your body.

Hair loss

It appears to be a regular little box, yet inside it contains amazing works for your intestines. Enema protects us from old food that has remained on the inside of our intestines for a long time and is still contaminating our blood today.

How is an enema taken? You must consume and hold 300 ml of water in your intestines for around 5-7 minutes, during which time the water will gradually draw all poisons and waste to itself.

Hair loss

When you use the loo, you’ll be surprised to discover how much garbage has been trapped inside of you for years—the same waste that causes many other disorders in addition to hair loss.

Wait! Enema should not be feared. It is completely painless and safe. You must start the process by taking an enema every day for 21 days. Beyond that, you can take it once a week or as needed.

Come on, let’s proceed to step two: WET PACK. This step is crucial to promoting blood circulation and hair growth.

Basically, you need to wrap your waist, neck, and forehead in a cotton cloth that has been dipped in cold water. Apply it for a minimum of 30 minutes. What occurs when moist pack is applied? It keeps the area of your body where it has been applied cool, while keeping the rest of your body warm. Mother Nature’s principles state that the blood circulation rises in an area anytime we keep 2 different temperatures there.

After using a wet pack, the blood that was that was unable to circulate will be able to do so and quickly reach your head, and hairfall will cease naturally. You must use wet pack twice a day for 21 days after beginning this programme, once in the morning, once in the evening.

After three months, just use it as necessary. You should avoid applying this method during the winter months, but you can use it throughout all other months and seasons.

We have now inside cleaned our bodies. What then do we take in?

Let’s go on to the fourth stage – this diet can make your hair grow again even if you’re in your 30s or 40s. food that provides you with all the vitamins and minerals you need. even break the effects of harmful genes through food. Food that is powerful enough to treat every health issue, even your hair. This food is satvik.

Come, let’s explore its importance. The four satvik food principles that our Vedas have provided us with are known as LWPWL.

“L” It stands for living food.

hair fall control

Consume living foods including fruits, veggies, sprouts, grains, and coconuts. Packaged, bottled, and boxed dead food contaminates our blood and prevents hair growth.

On the other hand, live foods have the capacity to promote the growth of cells. Hair growth accelerates significantly.

“W” stands for Wholesome.

Consume meals in the form that Mother Nature provides us. Food items like white rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, refined flour, Sooji, and oil are refined foods, Rather than these,

Consume nutritious foods like brown rice, bran-containing wheat, coconut kernels, dates, or jaggery in place of refined sugar. When you consume processed meals, your hair will never receive the nutrients it needs to regrow.

“P” stands for plant-based.

Hair loss

Eat only food that is derived straight from plants instead of anything that comes from animals, including meat, fish, eggs, milk, or any other milk product. Our blood becomes thick and heavy from the difficulty of digesting milk and milk products. Avoid eating any meat, eggs, or seafood. substitute coconut milk for the milk.

“W” stands for Watery foods.

Hair loss

That suggests that we should consume as much juicy, water-rich food as much as possible.

See how much juice you can extract from a cucumber by trying to juice it. Do you believe that juicing bread will ever result in any juice? No! because it has absolutely no juice. Foods high in water help to cleanse your body. It eliminates pollutants, trash, and makes your blood lighter.

When you commit to all four of these rules, your new diet strategy should resemble this: – Have a vegetable juice as soon as you wake up in the morning. Ash gourd juice is great. You can also drink coconut water.

– You can have a dish of fruits for breakfast. Eating one fruit at a time is the best strategy.

– You can have a grain meal during lunch. However, it needs to have more veggies and less grain.

– Have soup or salad for dinner. You can alternate between eating lunch and dinner if you’d like.

Can you guess which meal goes directly to your scalp instead of your stomach? It is sunlight.

Similar to how a plant’s leaves begin to fall off in the absence of sunlight,

Similar to how our leaves dry and fall, so do our hair.

The same five elements that make up your body also make up a plant. We must expose our body to sunshine each day if we desire thick, healthy hair. How?


Simply lay down in the sun for 20 minutes each day while wearing only the barest minimum of clothing, allowing the sunlight to hit your entire body, including your head.

When is the best time to sunbathe? Your blood circulation, ability to regrow hair, and hair growth will all rise as the sun’s light hits your body in the morning or evening. Our five-step strategy to stop hair fall is now complete.

We now have some amazing supplementary advice to share with you.

As our first added tips : Sprouts

A new dish will be available that contains more protein than any type of meat, protein powder, dietary supplement, or bar. It serves as a base for your hair.

Can you figure it out? sprouting vegetables! That implies that veggie seeds have blossomed The healthiest food in the world is sprouts.

Do you know that a radish’s sprouts contain 30 times as much nourishment as the mature vegetable? Consequently, a vegetable sprout is more nutrient-dense than a mature vegetable.

Why? Because that tiny sprout has the capacity to give birth to a veggie that size. What do you believe happens to this power when you consume these sprouts? It gives your body strength from inside. Sprouts is the ideal structure meal in the world and promotes hair growth like a miracle.

 We advise consuming radish, alfalfa, fenugreek and clover, four different kind of vegetable sprouts.

 After extensive testing, we chose these 4 sprouts because they are not just widely available but also because they are the simplest to cultivate in India’s environment. Lentil sprouts are weaker to vegetable sprouts since the latter are healthier.

 How are they grown? is same as How to grow lentil sprouts precisely, Soak some seeds in water for the entire night. Drain the water in the morning, then cover the seeds in a thin muslin towel. Wrap this pot up, Every day, in the morning and the evening, open this packet twice. Water the seeds, then wrap them Once more, keep it in the the pot with the lid closed. Bundle it up.

Follow this for 3 to 4 days, You’ll notice tails erupting from your bundle on the third or fourth day. Your sprouts are prepared for consumption when they begin looking like this.

 Include them in your soups and salads. Don’t consume a little quantity either, Sprouts should make up at least half of your salad. These sprouts serve as the foundation for your hair.

Second bonus suggestion: Curry leaf paste.

Hair loss

What you need to do? Make a paste by combining two fistfuls of curry leaves with some water. Use this paste all over your scalp. For at least 45 minutes, keep this paste on your head, then remove it with water. You should use it for 1.5 months every day.

One thing to keep in mind is that this stage will only be effective if you complete the other four—fasting, enema, wet pack, Satvik food, and sunbathing. You won’t benefit if you simply use this paste and ignore them. This advice is just a bonus.

As we previously understood the actual cause of our illness lies below us.

Come on, let’s address a crucial concern you have: which shampoo should I use? Today, we are being sold goods all over the world stating that it is best shampoo for hair fall. First shampoo, hair oil before shampooing, conditioners after shampooing, and masks in between shampooing and conditioning. After all of this, some hair serum, and possibly other things.

Are you aware that your scalp has much thinner skin than the rest of your body?

Now read the back of your shampoo bottle. How does it say that? names that are even difficult to say. Our delicate scalp skin absorbs all of these pollutants, weakening it.

This quickens the rate of hair fall. If shampoo is unavailable, how else should we wash our hair?

The top herbal shampoo is what we have for you. You may prepare it just once and store it for up to three months. It is incredibly easy to prepare and thoroughly cleanses your hair. It is all natural home made best shampoo for hair fall.

Shikakai (200 g), amla (200 g), and reetha (200 g) are the three ingredients you require.

In order to provide our shampoo’s ability to condition. The first step is to combine all three ingredients into a powder. Shikakai should be added to the blender and ground into a powder. Remove the seeds from the soap nut before powdering it. Then combine it and also make it into a powder. And after that, powderize amla as well by blending it.

All 3 powders are now prepared. Let’s go to the following phase. Take a large bowl and fill it with 3 litres of water. Now combine all 3 powders with it. Boil this mixture for a while over a high flame, The addition of flax seeds is the final component that has to be included in this recipe.

Our shampoo is given a creamy, the texture of gel, Now, powder these 200 g of flax seeds, Add this grounded flaxseed to the mixture we are heating. Add 1.5 more litres of water after the flaxseed has been added.

 Allow it to boil while thoroughly mixing it every so often. It has now reached the right boiling point and acquired a gel-like consistency.

Turn off the flame right away, The mixture must be filtered while it is still hot. Filter the mixture by putting it gradually to a bowl with a cloth over it. Filtering it when it’s hot is important,

So now we can use our edible, all-natural herbal shampoo! Put it in a large bottle and store it in your refrigerator. It will easily last two to three months. You can store it in a compact  bottle also in your bathroom, Its texture is identical to shampoos sold in stores, and reetha gives it excellent lather. You simply need to wet your hair and apply it. After thoroughly massaging your hair, you may wash it out. It will turn out to be best shampoo for hair fall that you have ever used.  Stop using shampoos that are packed with chemicals if you can’t prepare this at home for some reason. If the terms “Paraben” and “Sulphates” appear in the ingredients list of your shampoo, it is likely chemically heavy and causing hair fall.

Avoid using shampoos too frequently and look for one that is sulphate- and paraben-free. Use them only as necessary. Once a week is sufficient. You can do it twice a week if your hair gets too dirty.

Bathing in hot water also contributes to an increase in hair fall.

Hot water weakens the roots of our hair and harms the blood vessels beneath our scalp. Use luke-warm water when bathing throughout the winter. Bathe in normal water during the summer.

When you combine all of these processes, you’ll see that Mother Nature’s five basic ingredients are capable of doing the work that expensive medications and serums were unable to.

Please spread the word to everyone who is experiencing hair loss.

If you have Skin peeling please read this also for simple home remedies for Skin Peeling.

We’ll see you Soon!

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